Tuolumne County and many parts of California are facing tree mortality issues. TUD along with other local agencies are taking proactive measures to remove hazardous dead trees from facilities and along our ditch system. If you have questions regarding a hazardous tree on your property, click the link below to Tuolumne County's Hazardous Tree information page.

Tree Mortality Facing Tuolumne County

Tuolumne County has thousands of dead and dying trees that are threatening public safety and infrastructure. TUD along with other agencies are working to remove hazardous trees that could pose a threat to TUD's facilities and ditch system. For more information on the tree mortality issue, click the link below.

Tuolumne County - Tree Mortality Updates

Water and Sewer Rate Increases – 2017

TUD customers will be notified in November of the next series of water and sewer rate increases that will go into effect after January 1, 2017. The rate increases are to support a 5-year Capital Improvement Plan for water and sewer projects. For more details on the rates and projects, click the link below.

Water and Sewer Rate Changes 2017

Are You Prepared for Winter?

Don't let winter weather catch you unprepared. Cold, frigid temperatures can cause frozen pipes to burst. Take steps to prepare your home and property for winter's cold temperatures. Follow the tips attached to the informational flyer below.

Prepare Your Home and Property for Winter

TUD’s Annual Water Quality Report

Every year TUD publishes its an annual water quality report. The free report gives the results of the tests it does in order to make sure your water meets federal and state drinking water regulations. The report also explains where your water comes from and includes other useful information. To read the report, click the link below.

TUD's Annual Water Quality Report-2015

TUD Projects – Your Rate Dollars at Work

The District's Board of Directors approved a the Fiscal Year Budget in May of this year. Included in the budget is a list of water and sewer projects that are part of the District's Capital Improvement Plan (CIP). The CIP is a “rolling document” with older projects dropping out of the plan as they are completed with new projects being added each year. To find out more about the water and sewer projects already completed and what's in store this year, click the link below.

TUD CIP Water and Sewer Projects

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