The State of California is asking all residents to reduce their water use by 25%. Please do your part and practice water conservation measures today. Every drop counts!

Community Water Council

The continuing drought and the need to establish new sources of water in the region are the focus of a new community outreach effort. It involves the major organizations related to the problem and will include a series of public forums and online surveys to get feedback from the community. The Community Water Council is now meeting. Information about the Council along with a new website regarding Tuolumne County's water can be found at, Community Water Council or go to "".

Drought Forums in April

Join TUD and other County agencies at upcoming Drought Forums scheduled in April to help you get ready for another year of drought. The next two forums are on Monday, April 20th at 6:30pm at Jamestown Elementary School and Tuesday, April 21st at 6:30 at Tuolumne Memorial Hall. Find out about ways to conserve water, the best way to check your well and an update about the upcoming fire season. For dates on the forums and more information click on the attached link. Drought Forums Schedule

AB-2040: Employee Compensation

Per AB 2040 (effective Jan 1, 2015), you can find compensation information at the State Controller's Office public compensation online database: "State Controller's Office".