Tuolumne County and Tuolumne Utilities District are working to combat the tree mortality issues facing Tuolumne County. The District will be contacting property owners along the District's ditch system and other District facilities regarding removing possible dead or dying trees from their property. Thank you for your cooperation.

TUD Projects – Your Rate Dollars at Work

The District's Board of Directors approved a the Fiscal Year Budget in May of this year. Included in the budget is a list of water and sewer projects that are part of the District's Capital Improvement Plan (CIP). The CIP is a “rolling document” with older projects dropping out of the plan as they are completed with new projects being added each year. To find out more about the water and sewer projects already completed and what's in store this year, click the link below.

TUD CIP Water and Sewer Projects

Water Restrictions Lifted-Use Water Wisely!

The District’s water supply has greatly improved compared to the last few years and the State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB) is now allowing more local control regarding any water conservation measures. The SWRCB has set statewide water conservation regulations for all residents to follow. Please see the information below with the State Water Resources Control Board water conservation regulations.

State Water Resources Water Conservation Regulations

E-Bill/Signup Today!

Paperless e-bills don't just help the environment, it puts your TUD account available to you anytime, 24 hours a day. Save paper, stamps and hassle, by signing up at TUD's Online Customer Service Center. In a few simple steps, you can view your TUD account history, including water usage and signup to receive your TUD bill electronically, sent directly to your email.

TUD's E-Bill Online Customer Service Center

Annual Quality Water Report for 2015

TUD is proud to release its Annual Quality Water Report for 2015. This report gives the results of the tests TUD does in order to make sure your water meets federal and state drinking water regulations. The report also explains where your water comes from and includes other useful information. Click the link below to view the report details.

TUD Annual Water Quality Report Available

TUD Goal Setting and Strategic Plan

In March 2016, the TUD Board of Directors held a two day goal setting session in which the Board set forth a Strategic Plan for the District inclusive of the identification of the Board’s Vision, Mission and Goal statements for the District. The Board’s vision looks out 15 years and encompasses what they desire the District become in that timeframe. The Goals statement identifies simple, clear goals to pursue over the next 5 years as the District works on achieving its longer term vision. Click the link below to read details of the plan.

Action Agenda and Strategic Plan

SB 272 – Enterprise Software

Approved on October 11, 2015, SB 272 adds a section to the California Public Records Act requiring local agencies to create a catalog of Enterprise Systems by July 1, 2016 with annual updates. In compliance with SB 272, TUD has updated information available regarding the District's Enterprise Software. For more information, click the link below.

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